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tv   Fox 5 Morning News Sunday  FOX  September 11, 2011 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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9/11 ten years later a time to mourn, remember, pay tribute to victimheros on a day that changed america forever. as we take a live look from ground zero and see what was once a smoldering rubble now a beautiful memorial and construction of a new world trade tower. at the pentagon a massive flag has been unfurled and a new memorial stands in shanksville pennsylvania the site where 40 passengers and crew, saved countless lives, when they over took terrorists and crashed the plane into a field. today is a day of tributes to remember those who lost
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their livemany heros who emerged begins in new york starts at 8:30 a.m. a moment of silence will be held at 8:46 a.m. to mark the exact time when the first tower of the world trade center was hit and then names of nearly 3,000 people killed will be read one by one the ceremony at the pentagon begin 9:30 a.m. a moment of silence 9:37 a.m. the same time that plane crashed there. a ceremony in shanksville starts at 9:30 a.m. president obama will pay a visit at noon. security is extremely tight all around ground zero this weekend new york city's police force has extra patrol cars, boots on the ground more observation postbarricades authorities have responded to an increase in calls on suspicious packages as the new 9/11 memorial opened at hallowed grounds at the world trade centre good morning jennifer it must be an incredible feeling to be there.
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>> reporter: good morning melanie it is a somber and quiet day here in lower manhattan we can hear the bagpiper practicing in advance of the ceremony below we can see hundreds if not thousands of family making their way through the very intense security check points here. we will watch president's politicianfamily members not only mark the tenth anniversary but dedicate this brand new memorial it is focused on both remembering and rebuilding. >> today we have had a national crisis. >> reporter: ten years to the day since the worst terror attack on u.s. soil, families of more than 2700 killed at ground zero get to see what was build in their loved ones honor. >> september 11th was a tragedy for our nation as a whole it was most importantly a tragedy for each and everyone of those
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families who lost loved ones, family members, friends, colleagues, that day. >> at the center of the memorial are water falls creating a new peaceful footprint where the twin towers once stood names of victims are inscribed on the edges of the pools. >> i came down here because this is the one event i thought i could handle but it is very hard. when i came down, you know so i saw the whole thing. >> reporter: security around new york city is very tight this weekend residentvisitors alike say the mood is somber and somewhat tense. >> you could hear a pin drop on this packed subway train it was almost like everyone was saying their prayers for themselves under their breath. >> reporter: there is also hope. think about it every day not a day goes by when i don't thing about it i just hope the country doesn't suffer an attack like this again. terrible thing i hope we get
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this terrorism under control keep fighting the good fight. >> reporter: back here a live look at really the center piece of this memorial one of two twin reflecting pools sunken 30 feet into the ground with names of victims, surrounding the plaza hundreds of trees including the tree known as the survivor tree the only one that with stood the towers collapse today with plaza, memorial is dedicated just to families it is a time for them to come and pay their respects tomorrow it will open to the public bearesser vision only officials say they have had hundreds of thousands of requests. melanie back to you. thank you so much. former president george bush made a stop in arlington yesterday to pay tribute to victims at the pentagon he placed a wreath of white flowers by the 9/11 memorial embedded in the wall outside of
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corridor four. president obama and the first lady began a weekend of remembrance saturday paying respect to soldiers killed in terror. they visited section 60 where they met two family who is lost loved ones in the wars in iraq and afghanistan the white house says the president believes it is important to honor those who gave their lives fighting the decade long war that began after 9/11. >> today the president will visit all three sites he will first take part in the ceremony at ground zero set to begin in 35 minutes then fly to pennsylvania to be at a new memorial service in shanksville where flight 93 went down and then this afternoon he will lay a wreath at the pentagon and then tonight speak at the concert for hope. the pentagon will honor 184 people killed inside the building and on flight 77. on the scene, tom i understand
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security is tight there this morning. >> reporter: yes, good morning so tight we just got into the location here so we are using a cell phone. it was 9:37 a.m. flight 77 crashed here, it is actually the oldest [ audio difficulty ] >> reporter: vacated back in 2008 you will remember the ceremony back then today's ceremonies will be held by vice president joe biden and current secretary of defense there will be musical tributes as well and later on families of the victimsurvivors that were here that day will walk into the memorial, a nice and quiet reflective time on their own. the memorial is stunning in its own way there are benches marking the names of individual when is lost their lives here
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that day. the benches face the pentagon, the attack took place, now the vice president will be here and starting around 9:30 a.m., the president himself will be here later this afternoon in what we are told will be a brief appearance, he will be here with the first lady and lay a wreath here at the pentagon memorial as part of the marked observance at the pentagon today. back to you. tom let me ask you a question, what is the feeling of people that are there today. >> um, you know, you can pretty much feel apprehension, and a bit of deja vu about being back here today. a lot of the people that you know we came in here today, were media crews who were
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actually covering this as a breaking news story ten years ago to be back here at this place at this time, it does put one you know obviously in a reflective mood. we saw many family members coming in today some of them were wearing t-shirt s with the pictures of their loved ones lost that day others were wearing red white and blue ribbons on their clothing. there were a good many pentagon survivors who will be here today, people in this building, who had just come to work that day like any other and certainly it turned into a day like no other. many of them walked back into that building to help pull people out of there the range of emotions is on display but the one thing that gets you, is you see the children, the four, five, eight-year-olds who just weren't alive when 9/11 happened and they are experiencing this in a way a lot of people who are too young to remember the assassination of john f kennedy, had that related to them growing up a
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wide range of emotions. >> all right tom tom thank you reapremier crate you reporting -- we appreciate you reporting there live. a look at the dc area, there is the u.s. capital not a bad start to the sunday but i will check with with tucker barnes, i am seeing some haze there. >> just a little moisture, real nice start melanie. a look at temperatures this morning 68 washington, 63 winchester. should be nice highs expected low to mid-80s. we are waking up with lots of sunshine lots of clear skies, should be a sunny start later this afternoon, showers andthunderstorms roll out to the west be ready be repeared for a -- prepared for thunder showers. another flash flood in
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effect noon today. the soil is already so saturated from all the rain recently a possibility of localized flash flooding be aware of that today. ear is your forecast, your planner plenty of sunshine to start the day and again we should be low to mid-80s afternoon highs, 3, 4 in the afternoon could be a couple storm for the red skin game later. more details coming up. >> it is an emotional weekend in pennsylvania where united flight 93 went down dedication of the 9/11 memorial was held in sangsville yesterday today it is the tenth -- shanksville yesterday and today it is the tenth anniversary. we will look at precautions fans can expect chef >> now a live picture at ground zero here where you see former president george bush and president obama, paying their respects there and talking to
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family members the president, whose presidency was defined by the terror attacks alongside the president who is still carrying out the war on terror. we will be right back 
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pgh >> a tense commemorative ceremony is being held in shanksville, dozens attended the dedication of the 9/11 memorial there. along with the families of the 40 passengers and crew who saved countless lives. live at shanksville and matt i can only imagine this must be a special weekend thinking back to 9/11 shanksville didn't get the bulk of the attention that day. >> reporter: yeah, melanie,
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good morning. you are right. the ceremonies are expected to begin here in just about a half hour. there is going to be prayer, there is going to be music and several moments of silence. first to remember those victims in new york and then the pentagon and then at 10:03 a.m. there will be another moment of silence here in shanksville when united flight 93 hit in a field just behind me crashing to the ground a little bit later, right around noon the president is expected to arrive here he will head to pittsburgh and use marine one to get here he will tour the memorial and then make public comment. >> alan anthony. >> the names of those lost in this rural pennsylvania meadow were read allowed. >> mark bingham. >> reporter: and then presented on this memorial wall. one name for each panel.
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♪ [ music ] >> reporter: the flight 93 national memorial was dedicated saturday to 40 hero who is gave their lives fighting off the terrorists who were just 20 minutes away from striking washington dc. 40 incredible men and women answered the call they gave their lives and in doing so gave this country a new life. we owe them. >> reporter: vice president biden along with former president bush and clinton told family members the country owes them an eternity of gratitude and this memorial is just one small token of appreciation for that sacra fie a decade ago. >> we will never know how many innocent people might have been lost but we do know this, americans are alive today because the passengers and crew of flight 93 chose to act. >> they gave the entire country
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an incall cuable gift they saved the capital from attack saved god knows how many lives claimed terrorists from claiming the symbolic victory of smashing the center of american government. >> reporter: this is the central point of the memorial where that boulder is is where flight 93 hit the ground. it is called the field of honor only family members are permitted there. >> knowing that is where my brother lost his life. >> reporter: gordon's brother edward was killed on flight 93 for years he and other family members have worked together to create this memorial. >> this story is not going away it is so important it res nates with americans in such a way -- resonates with americans in such a way it is being remembered. >> reporter: along with dignitaries every day americans traveled to shanksville. there were traffic lines for miles no one complained a slight inconvenience to honor
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those who fought for the death. >> it is just so overwhelming. >> reporter: in shanksville pennsylvania, fox 5 news. all right back out live now it is a beautiful morning here in shanksville, there you can see the point of impact where that huge boulder is. and then if we pull out a little bit that is the wall that was unvailed here yesterday the memorial wall on each panel there, reads the name of each victim then if we move over just a little bit you can see the crowd already gathering here this morning yesterday 7 to 8,000 people came here there were long lines, and they are expecting that many maybe even more today once again the president expected to arrive here, right around the noon hour where he will give a speech to the family and people who this crash effected so much back to you. >> all of this such a fitting tribute. thank you. we are following developing news out of afghanistan this
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morning a suicide bomb attack at a u.s. base on the eve of 9/11, 77 u.s. troops were wounded in the eastern part of the country a taliban truck bomb exploded at the base last night. nationals and red skins are both playing home games on this 9/11 anniversary fans are asked to get to nats park and fedex field extra early today. skins giants season opener starts off 4:15 p.m., security is tight around fedex field expect to have bags and vehicles searched and possibly have restricted access around the stadium. >> for two teams from dc and new york to meet on 9/11 thoughts from players go way beyond winning a football game. it is a very important game for both cityboth mean a lot fans i am sure it will be very emotional just knowing what
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happened back then, ten years ago. >> ultimate day, always big then you got two teams greatly effected by the tragedy, so, definitely something everyone is looking forward to. >> red skins will honor the victims of 9/11 in several ways all fans will receive american flags as they enter. 150 family members effected by the attack on the pentagon and first responders from arlington county will be honored in pregame and in holding the american flag that covers the entire playing surface during singing of star spangled banner. they will wear honorary 9/11 ribbons and patch or pin on their uniform or apparel. our coverage begins 11:30 a.m. and fox 5 has the game at 4. >> all our lives were changed on 9/11 especially for those who lost loved ones. >> i remember hopping on the
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bike, saying get me over the hump get me home and i am. >> hear how a husband who lost his wife on that tragic day used a cross country bike ride to honor her money and raise money. we will be right back which is...
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to honor 184 people killed there ten years ago today. a wife mother and career flight attendant from chevy chase maryland was on the flight that day since then her husband has made it his career to honor her. >> life is for the living to live is to survive. >> reporter: tom is a retired u.s. airways pilot whose wife michelle was senior night attendant on american airlines flight 77 crashed into the pentagon on september 11th, 2001. >> out of something as ugly as that, we've got to look at it, not so much in a positive fashion but something good has to come out of it. >> reporter: almost right away he thought of himself as one of the lucky ones considering how many young people were killed at that day.
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>> you have five children who were aboard american flight 77 they are just starting their lives out i had almost 29 years with michelle i had at that time two wonderful children. >> reporter: son thomas was then 14 daughter alison 20 both in school not far from home that day he is the one who told them their mother was on the plane that was flown into the pentagon. >> and it is the hardest thing that i have ever done, most likely the hardest thing i will ever have to do in my entire life. >> reporter: shortly after he got the news michelle was gone >> i am standing there in the shower just wailing away, just banging on the shower wall, and you know, why her? >> reporter: michelle was 52, and american airlines flight attendant for 30 years. >> one of the things i learned from this, is, procrastination nothing good comes from it she
8:26 am
and i always said i will take this trip later on and while i am crying in the shower i am like these are things we will never be able to do. >> reporter: they last spoke by phone she called just before flight 77 left dulles for los angeles. >> ten years later, this day, when i replay the conversation in my mind, i can't remember if i told her i loved her. >> reporter: in 2006 as part of his healing process he lead a 33 day cross country bike ride l.a. to the pentagon a tribute to the 33 airline flight crew members killed on 9/11 raising roughly $300,000 for the 9/11 memorial fund averaging 180 to 200 miles per day. >> i remember hopping on the bike, going michelle get me over the hump get me home and you know here i am. in this house if you look around nothing has really changed when i am in the
8:27 am
kitchen for example cooking dinner or sitting in there, every now and then i will look at the side door and expect michelle to come home and just as frequent now as it was the first days and months when i expected her to come walking in the door but doesn't seem like ten years ago. >> in these past ten years son thomas finished high school and college got a job on wall street daughter alison graduated from wall street, got married and one year ago last september 10th, made tom a grandfather. >> they are doing what michelle would have wanted us all to do, go on move on with our lives. >> what about tom? he has remarried. >> something like events of 9/11, julia not accepts it or tolerates it but understands it is part of my life like an
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appendage, like my arm. part of me. again, lucky me. >> catching up with lucky tom and looking back, ten years later. in chevy chase, fox 5 news. coming up on this special edition of fox 5 morning news authorities across the district on high alert we will talk live with dc police chief about tightened security precautiontake you again to a live picture of ground zero, water from the reflecting pools, flowing for the first time twin reflecting pools built over the tower footprints open to family members for the first time today and our coverage of this special anniversary of 9/11 continues in a moment [ man ] did we get anything good?
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and how can you talk to me about fiber when you are eating a candybar. you enjoy that. i am. [ male announcer ] fiber beyond recognition. fiber one. security around dc on the 9/11 anniversary would always be heightened but more so this year because of the terror
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threat announced late wednesday that threat against washington and new york is still unconfirmed joining us with an update is the police chief. what is the latest? we have been talking about stolen vans in prince georges county give us an update. >> yeah, i am not going to talk about the threats specifically but i can tell you there has been a lot of work done over the past few days i know of the two vans that were stolen from the county, one of them was recovered yesterday. the other one is still out but you know we are tracking any and every stolen vehicle around the region very carefully there are a few things we are all working on. >> it does give us a certain sense of security to see your people out there in force you know, they were reporting this morning there is no evidence al qaeda sneaked any terrorists into the country but when do you think it is safe for us to stand down. >> that is one thing people keep asking and i think you
8:33 am
know even though we are always on a heightened level of alert here in the district this visible presence and heightened level of security we are implements over this anniversary we need to be cautious about passing 9/11 and standing down i don't think that is a good move at this point we are holding our position right now. >> chief as we go about the day here in washington many hope high profile events, not only sporting events but those attending me nori can't likes and those being -- memorials and those being americans as we go about the day what do you want residents to know? >> do what they are doing. i was out late last night riding around and they are out, reporting anything and everything they saw that was suspicious i am reading the suspicious calls that with coming in people are sending us very good information but not -- everybody was out last night
8:34 am
it was beautiful weather i want them to do the same thing today go out enjoy the city, if you see something that looks out of place give us a call. >> you declared a crime emergency because of this i have been reading some people have been criticizing that decision what do you thing about that? >> well, just the union really it is not a crime emergency in order for me to suspend a contract, it has the flexibility and scheduling requirements and language you know, for an emergency, to include crime and some other language so that language is used when we have to have this flexibility but when i implemented it i had information that maybe others didn't have so we were criticized pretty hard. >> finally chief real quick i just want to get your thoughts on this tenth anniversary. >> kind of surreal i am sitting here in studio wanting the videos from ten years ago and just really brings back a lot of memories and all the
8:35 am
memorial services going on today, just you know seems like it has been so long ago, but riding around in the city today i can tell you i feel honored to be here protecting the nations capital. >> thank you for your time. >> you are welcome. >> real quick we want to look at the weather now with tucker barnes >> you got it. >> kick off the forecast. >> satellite radar, clear skies to start your morning out to the west, lookout towards kentucky and indiana see that spin that is the area of low pressure giving us a lot of trouble all week we will finally get rid of it as it moves through later today you have the possibility of a few more showers and thunderstorms national weather service is going to issue a new flood watch doesn't mean it is going to rain all day but with the possibility of more showers and thunderstorms on top of already saturated soil, lookout for that later, possibility of showers and thunderstorms. >> nice start today, sunshine
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temperatures 50s. gaithersburg, washington 68 leonard town, 66 degrees culpepper here is your five day forecast, temperatures low to mid-80s. enjoy the football game, cooler into next week. i think we will be glad to say good riddens to that rain >> we thank you for joining us for this special edition of fox 5 morning news we will take a short break and then join fox news sunday for their special coverage of the 9/11 anniversary we will leave you with pictures of many ceremonies starting today in new york city and also here at the pentagon we do wish you a good 9/11 go out and enjoy your freedom
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wave ♪ ♪ o'er the land of the free ♪ and the home of the brave ♪ of the brave [ applause ] >> positions. [ bagpipes ] ♪
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>> halt. left. ♪ >> ten years have passed since a perfect blue sky morning turned in to the blackest of nights. since then, we have lived in sunshine and in shadow. and although we can never unsee what here, we can also see that children who lost their parents and have grown into young adults, grandchildren have been born and good works and public service have taken root to honor those who we loved and lost. in all the years that americans have looked to the ceremonies, we have shared both words and silences.
8:46 am
the words of writers and poets helped express what is in our hearts. the silences have given us a chance to reflect and remember. in remembrance of all of those who died in new york in 1993 and in 2001, at the pentagon, and in the fields near shanksville, pennsylvania, please join in observing our first moment of silence. [ bells toll ] [ moment of silence ]
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>> god is our refuge and strength. the very presence to help in trouble. therefore, we will not fear, even though the earth be removed, though the mountains be carried in the midst of the
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sea. though its waters warm and be troubled. though the mountains shake with its swelling. there is a river, whose streams shall make glad the city of god. holy place of the tabernacle of the most high. god is in the midst of her. she shall not be moved. god shall help her. just at the break of dawn. the nations rageed, the kingdoms were moved. he uttered his voice. the earth melted. the lord of hosts is with us. god of jacob is our refuge. come behold the works of the lord, who has made desolations in the earth. he makes wars cease to the ends of the earth. he breaks the bow and cuts the spear in two. he burns the chariot in fire.
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be still and know that i am god. i will be exalted among the nations. i will be exalted in the earth. the lord of hosts is with us. the god of jacob is our refug refuge. >> they were our neighbors, our friends, our husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, children and parents. they were the ones who rushed in to help. 2,983 innocent men, women and children. we have asked their families to come here to speak the names out loud. to remind oc each of us of a person we lost in new york, in washington and pennsylvania. they each had a face, a story,
8:50 am
a life cut short from under them. as we listen, let us recall the words of shakespeare. "let us not measure our sorrow by their worth for then it will have no end." >> gordon a. anapt, junior. >> andrew, anthony abate. >> vincent paul abate. >> lawrence christopher abel. >> abraham. >> william s. ever hanson. >> richard anthony aceto. >> henrich b. acker mann.
8:51 am
>> paul anthony acquaviva. >> christian adams. >> donald adams. >> patrick adams. >> shannon lewis adams. >> stephen george adams. >> ignatius adanga. >> chisty a. addamo. >> chris: these are relatives of the 2,983 people who died that day in new york city, in shanksville, at the pentagon. and all of their names will be read. we're also going to have, we've had the first one, six moments of silence for when the four planes hit and also when the two towers, the two world trade center towers collapsed. while this is going on and before we get to the second moment of silence at 9:03, let me bring in the special panel again. they say time heals all wounds, senator feinstein. as i watched your face, it hasn't healed all the wounds,
8:52 am
has it? >> no. the wounds still remain fresh. i think they will for the rest of my life. and probably for everybody that was in any way shape or form involved with this. >> i think what is important is it changed the whole dynamic of good and evil. it gave a new pace for a kind of evil that we have to be on the constant alert. and i've been very proud to see the intelligence community, all of the agencies really make the necessary changes, shape up the compartments are down, the intelligence is streamlined. we now have a counterterrorism center. and people are working together. i've been so pleased. i have a great committee. i work very well with the ranking member. we are able, i think, to provide an element of oversight that is very constructive. >> chris: this is a day we're talking about policy, michael chertoff, but it's
8:53 am
also a day for emotion. raw emotion. one of the things that you realize when you see the pictures of 9/11, when you see that moment of silence, when you hear these names being read is how raw the wound still is. >> for many people, obviously those who lost loved ones but everybody who was involved and observed, this is a very open wound. it doesn't take very much to bring it all back. what struck me about the names is what a broad range of backgrounds you have. it wasn't just americans or americans of a particular type. it was a global wound. it hit people of all faiths and all races and all nationalities and it was really a blow against civilization. >> chris: general keane? >> i lost 85 teammates that day in the pentagon, so it became personal very quick. i attended 61 funerals after that. but it was a wound for the entire nation. and i think what we have done since in pursuit of this evenmy is quite extraordinary. in my own mind, the al-qaeda
8:54 am
on that day had a tactical victory, but it was a strategic one, because they believed their ideology would defeat ours and that we were weak and didn't have character. they underestimated us significantly. in the last ten years we have pushed them back on their heels and they're mere shadows of their former selfs. we brought to them, the very thing they feared would not happen. they wanted to drive us out of the region. we're in the region, and we liberated 55 million people in iraq and afghanistan who are now experiencing a fledgling democracy. the very idea that they feared the most is in their backyard. >> chris: you hear some of the al-qaeda adherence saying that they have won a strategic victory, that they have gotten us in that part of the world and emmeshed in long wars and spending trillions of dollars. i take it you think that is bull? >> i absolutely totally disagree with it. their goals are pretty clear. they want a caliphate in the region and they need us out of
8:55 am
the region to achieve it and they want world domination with the craziness of their ideas. and we have thwarted that. the al-qaeda are no longer a global organization. that's the truth of it. they are on their heels largely defensive, largely concerned about themselves. still dangerous to be sure, because the ideology is still alive. >> chris: paul wolfowitz? >> you know, i knew two of the people on the plane that hit the pentagon, but i didn't know it at that moment. i remember the first name i heard of somebody i knew who had been killed was one of general jack keane's colleagues, lieutenant general timothy maude. we were at the evacuation site and i heard it and it was like someone punch me in the stomach and it brought it home. but i'm thinking if it hadn't been for heroism and luck the numbers could have been larger. the man that worked for morgan stanley saved 27 people from his company. only three of them were killed. he was one of them because he went back in to look for more.
8:56 am
the people who brought down united flight 93 in pennsylvania saved we don't know how many lives, including senator feinstein maybe and people in the congress. if they had hit more heavily occupied part of the pentagon the numbers would have been larger so it could have been worse. but i agree with general keane, this is no victory for al-qaeda to have bin laden sitting in his hide-out watching old videos while arabs all over the world are sacrificing their lives, not to go to heaven but for freedom and democracy. it's quite a stunning defeat. to say who is a strong horse or who is the weak horse, they have turned out to be the weak horse so far. >> chris: but that doesn't mean the threat is over. >> i said, "so far." they will keep trying. we have to keep on our toes and keep after them. we have to recognize, too, if they or anyone like them get their hands on nuclear weapon it's an entirely, entirely different world. >> chris: we are going to have some time over the course of the next hour as we go in
8:57 am
and out of the ceremonies and there are some lulls to talk about some of the policy issues. is the country safer? homeland security side of it. the military side of it. what we've accomplished over the last ten years and looking forward but it's extraordinary. we would all agree that no one at this table, maybe no one in this country on the day of 9/11 would have thought it would have been a week, a month, certainly not ten years and the homeland would still not have been attacked again. some kind of major attack. yes, there have been terrible incidents and nadal hasan. but we'll be back and continue from washington after this sho
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